7 Little Words April 14 2019 – Daily Puzzle Answers

Seven Little words Daily Puzzle game Answers 14/April/2019: 7 Little words daily puzzles answers are revealed here. Browse the cheats with its clue wise below. The first answer of 7 Little Words is “CHRISTIE” for the clue “writer Agatha”. Second answer is “CRYSTAL” for the clue “comedian Billy”. Third answer is “HANNAH” for the clue”actress Daryl”. Fourth answer is “GRACE” for the clue “actor Topher”. 5th answer is “MIRANDA” for the clue”singer Carmen”. 6th answer is “PAIGE” for the clue “baseball player Satchel”. And the 7th answer is “SHELLEY” for the clue “poet Percy Bysshe”. April 14th answers of 7 Little Words are given below. To check more previous answers of 7 Little words daily puzzles click here.

Check 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle Answers 14 April 2019



writer Agatha CHRISTIE
comedian Billy CRYSTAL
actress Daryl  HANNAH
actor Topher  GRACE
singer Carmen  MIRANDA
baseball player Satchel  PAIGE
poet Percy Bysshe SHELLEY

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