7 Little Words April 22 2021 Daily + Bonus Puzzle Answers

Are you searching for 7 Little Words April 22, 2021, daily puzzle answers? If yes, you are in the right place. Here we are sharing the solutions to the 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle and 7 Little Words bonus puzzles.

7 Little Words April 22, 2020, Answers

  • flat French hats BERETS
  • hit the skids FAIL
  • place to find conductors RAILWAY
  • in the middle of a crime REDHANDED
  • don’t judge a book by it COVER
  • de rigueur OBLIGATORY
  • noiselessly SILENTLY

7 Little Words Bonus Answers

  • make nervous FLUSTER
  • annual reference books ALMANACS
  • snug and warm COMFY
  • heavy winter garment GREATCOAT
  • doing alterations, perhaps HEMMING
  • money on hand CASH
  • southpaw’s opposite RIGHTY

Puzzle 2

  • frolic GAMBOL
  • followers jump on it BANDWAGON
  • comforter DUVET
  • turning over INVERTING
  • brand of candy-coated gum CHICLETS
  • attacking with bent leg KNEEING
  • name of “Cars” Fiat LUIGI

Puzzle 3

  • cause of some allergies DANDER
  • “Project Runway” host Klum HEIDI
  • like Robinson Crusoe SHIPWRECKED
  • in a questionable manner DUBIOUSLY
  • board of directors’ concern BYLAW
  • support from beneath UNDERPIN
  • lured away DECOYED

Puzzle 4

  • it’s wound into balls YARN
  • Angela Lansbury musical MAME
  • shake WAGGLE
  • putting a value on APPRAISING
  • become distasteful PALL
  • store’s public display SHOPWINDOW
  • deep, dull-red color OXBLOOD

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