7 Little Words April 25 2020 Daily Bonus Answers

7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle April 25, 2020 Solutions

Find the solved solutions to 7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzles with its clues below. Here we are sharing bonus puzzle cheats date wise. You can check all 7 little words daily bonus answers here.

Puzzle 1 Answers | 7 Little Words Daily Bonus April 25, 2020

enumerates COUNTS
canned pasta circles SPAGHETTIOS
give a dramatic gasp, e.g. OVERREACT
welcoming hotel staffers CONCIERGES
Apple video chat FACETIME
some vines CREEPERS
Winston’s civic partner SALEM

Puzzle 2 Answers | 7 Little Words Daily Bonus April 25, 2020

wall hangings in castles TAPESTRIES
feature of a palette THUMBHOLE
subsidiary organization AUXILIARY
beneficial FRUITFUL
“Star Wars” actor Alec GUINNESS
stamped, as a passport VALIDATED
Belgium’s capital BRUSSELS

Puzzle 3 Answers | 7 Little Words Daily Bonus April 25, 2020

wedding reception expense CATERING
Bratislava is its capital SLOVAKIA
octopus arms TENTACLES
integrity HONOR
storage areas in the kitchen CUPBOARDS
lightweight umbrella PARASOL

Puzzle 4 Answers | 7 Little Words Daily Bonus April 25, 2020

old TV impresario Lawrence WELK
largest of Solomon Islands GUADALCANAL
like honeycomb cells HEXAGONAL
kangaroo feature POUCH
person on the payroll EMPLOYEE
worthless material RUBBISH
in combination JOINTLY

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