7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle Answers November 2 2020

Here we are sharing 7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzles Answers of November 2, 2020. 7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 1 Answers 11/2/2020
  • teach EDUCATE
  • tattletale SNITCH
  • bug with an elongated body DRAGONFLY
  • give milk by eyedropper HANDFEED
  • husband-to-be’s helper GROOMSMAN
  • at an undetermined location SOMEWHERE
  • seasonal Nabisco treats MALLOMARS
7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 2 Answers 11/2/2020
  • contracts SHRINKS
  • actress Emily BLUNT
  • Linus Yale was one LOCKMAKER
  • people who study Latin CLASSICISTS
  • similarly LIKEWISE
  • in a way not to be disproved IRREFUTABLY
  • hiding under a cloak SHROUDING
7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 3 Answers 11/2/2020
  • notable London stadium WEMBLEY
  • pancakes FLAPJACKS
  • coming up ARISING
  • adorn with gems BEJEWEL
  • element named after a planet NEPTUNIUM
  • rotates TURNS
  • word processor command PRINT
7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 4 Answers 11/2/2020
  • Defoe character Robinson CRUSOE
  • bums a ride HITCHHIKES
  • providing guidance DIRECTIONAL
  • 9, 16 and 25, for example SQUARES
  • youthful JUVENESCENT
  • comedy director Judd APATOW
  • cereal serving, perhaps BOWLFUL

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