7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle July 18 2020 Answers

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  1. French cosmetics house LANCOME

  2. hospital department RADIOLOGY

  3. having areas of hard skin CALLOUSED

  4. Alexander Calder nickname SANDY

  5. charcoal giant KINGSFORD

  6. small American sunfish CRAPPIE

  7. winding river in Hyde Park SERPENTINE

  8. gnat MIDGE

  9. odor AROMA

  10. covering, as with snow BLANKETING

  11. minor insults SLIGHTS

  12. indirect quality OBLIQUENESS

  13. lower balcony section LOGE

  14. insurance worker ADJUSTER

  15. Danish-American actor Viggo MORTENSEN

  16. one who likes a grouse COMPLAINER

  17. laughted heartily GUFFAWED

  18. bursting suddenly RUPTURING

  19. trading places MARKETS

  20. Italian scooter VESPA

  21. pallor WANNESS

  22. having a sample of TASTING

  23. fellow patron COSPONSOR

  24. entree with a crust POTPIE

  25. become smaller CONTRACTED

  26. “Alice” star Linda LAVIN

  27. sea disasters SHIPWRECKS

  28. curtain hangers RODS

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