7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle April 10, 2020 Solutions

Find the solved solutions to 7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzles with its clues below. Here we are sharing bonus puzzle cheats date wise. You can check all 7 little words daily bonus answers here.

Puzzle 1 Answers

cockpit occupants – COPILOTS
type of tooth – BICUSPID
Scrabble piece – TILE
career fair – EXPO
like most doors – HINGED
drives away – ALIENATES
most covered in fifth – GRIMIEST

Puzzle 2 Answers

dilemmas – QUANDARIES
harmonious – CONCORDANT
rejoicing – EXULTANT
liable to be fined – PUNISHABLE
rapturous delight – ECSTASY
dietitian’s concern – NUTRITION
in the clear – UNSUSPECTED

Puzzle 3 Answers

cheap hotels – FLEABAGS
wheel maintenance – ALIGNMENT
Western Union messages – TELEGRAMS
pointy tooth – CANINE
like some salads – TOSSED
satisfying – PLEASURABLE
access to classified stuff – CLEARANCE

Puzzle 4 Answers

dining room furnishing – SIDEBOARD
didn’t pronounce clearly – SLURRED
like some justice – POETIC
soul singer Curtis – MAYFIELD
without hesitation – READILY
related to the backbone – SPINAL
palmtop – HANDHELD

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