7 Little Words Daily Bonus April 6 2020 Answers

7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle April 6, 2020 Solutions

Find the solved solutions to 7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzles with its clues below. Here we are sharing bonus puzzle cheats date wise. You can check all 7 little words daily bonus answers here.

Puzzle 1 Answers

Kirk or Hook – CAPTAIN
banana covering – PEEL
enterprising – ADVENTUROUS
forming beads, in a way – SWEATING
flew south, for example – MIGRATED
least well-known – OBSCUREST
disturbing – TROUBLING

Puzzle 2 Answers

inapt term – MISNOMER
Dwight of country music – YOAKAM
humor – INDULGE
stole company funds – EMBEZZLED
chef’s hat – TOQUE
artistically appealing – AESTHETIC
making small changes – ADJUSTING

Puzzle 3 Answers

amused – TICKLED
star Yankees shortstop – JETER
hair care product – CONDITIONER
tiny rodent – DORMOUSE
lose a staring contest – BLINK
one-act performance, say – PLAYLET
entrancing – MESMERIZING

Puzzle 4 Answers

not immediately cashable – POSTDATED
simple song – DITTY
chances to win prizes – GIVEAWAYS
be unalike – DIFFER
venue for authentic Asian food – CHINATOWN
actor Matthew of “Sahara” – MCCONAUGHEY
sudden forward movement – LUNGE

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