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Are you searching for 7 Little Words daily Bonus puzzles answers 27 March 2020?. Here you can check 7 Little Words March 27th bonus puzzle1, puzzle 2 puzzle 3 and puzzle 4 answers.

Puzzle 1 | 7 Little Words Bonus Answers March 27, 2020

junk e-mail senders – SPAMMERS
play fan – THEATERGOER
tryouts – AUDITIONS
thick with bushes – SHRUBBY
competitive Scrabble need – TIMER
huge shopping center – MEGAMALL
pageant accessories – SASHES

Puzzle 2 | 7 Little Words Bonus Answers March 27, 2020

audio equipment brand – BOSE
inciting, as a rebellion – FOMENTING
pad near a shower – BATHMAT
interlaced – WOVEN
Torrid Zone boundary – TROPIC
popular typewriter – SELECTRIC
manage – FEND

Puzzle 3 | 7 Little Words Bonus Answers March 27, 2020

resolute – PURPOSEFUL
yard machine – LAWNMOWER
effective from date in past – RETROACTIVE
county including Liverpool – MERSEYSIDE
certain pit vipers – COPPERHEADS
delivery woman – MIDWIFE
old English cake burner – ALFRED

Puzzle 4 | 7 Little Words Bonus Answers March 27, 2020

world’s largest food company – NESTLE
like phones kept in pockets – CELLULAR
state to be the case – AVER
high balls – LOBS
remote from reality – FANTASTICAL
Australian actor Hugh – JACKMAN
where to hang a homburg, say – HATRACK

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