7 Little Words Daily Bonus May 7 2020 Answers

Welcome to the daily puzzle cheats blog. Here We are sharing 7 Little words daily bonus puzzle answers date wise. You can check 7 Little Words daily bonus puzzle answers of May 7, 2020, below.

7 Little Words bonus puzzle 1 Answers May 7, 2020

  1. fork tines PRONGS
  2. party decorations BALLOONS
  3. cabbage dish KRAUT
  4. written test type ESSAY
  5. it has one wheel UNICYCLE
  6. dancing on air GLIDING
  7. guardians PROTECTORS

7 Little Words bonus puzzle 2 Answers May 7 2020

  1. alter black-and-white films COLORIZE
  2. furious ENRAGED
  3. portable computers LAPTOPS
  4. not popular UNLOVED
  5. America’s Cup racer YACHTSMAN
  6. obstacles SNAGS
  7. tried a bite of SAMPLED

7 Little Words bonus puzzle 3 Answers May 7 2020

  1. stood for SYMBOLIZED
  2. UK cinema chain CINEWORLD
  3. sheltered from outside world CLOISTERED
  4. early caller at the farm ROOSTER
  5. gave medical attention to TREATED
  6. city and port in Mexico TAMPICO
  7. when both hands are up NOON

7 Little Words bonus puzzle 4 Answers May 7, 2020

  1. according to the authorities OFFICIALLY
  2. Golf Hall-of-Famer Babe ZAHARIAS
  3. dug like a mole TUNNELED
  4. keep in the pan too long OVERCOOK
  5. made fun of, in a way CARICATURED
  6. essence PITH
  7. stringing insects WASPS

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