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On this page you will find answers to 7 Little Words July 1, 2020, Daily Bonus Puzzles. Scroll down the page to see 7 Little Words July 1, 2020, Daily Bonus Puzzle 1 Puzzle 2 Puzzle 3, and Puzzle 4 answers.

7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle 1 Answers

“the horn” TELEPHONE
“Jaws” menace SHARK
one taking bids AUCTIONEER
paternity FATHERHOOD
made safe for infants BABYPROOFED
shipboard rebellions MUTINIES
hid in one’s hand PALMED

7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle 2 Answers

no longer good to eat OVERRIPE
like a castaway’s clothing TATTERED
female cop POLICEWOMAN
rode a bike CYCLED
went back REVERTED
syringes, perhaps INJECTORS
3-nation trade agreement NAFTA

7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle 3 Answers

give the go-ahead GREENLIGHT
lifetime chocolate winner CHARLIE
a native of this hemisphere WESTERNER
at the midpoint HALFWAY
faking a signature FORGING
they’re raised in skepticism EYEBROWS
Austrian port on the Danube LINZ

7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle 4 Answers

medieval weapon BROADAXE
chewy, like some candy GUMMY
let out a breath EXHALED
most newspapers DAILIES
coming through DELIVERING
defensible JUSTIFIABLE
explorer Hernando CORTES

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