7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle May 24 2020 Solutions

7 Little Words May 24, 2020, Daily Bonus Puzzle Cheats

Check 7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle answers May 24, 2020: 7 Little Words is one of the best word puzzle games. One who solves the daily puzzle able to play 7 Little Words bonus puzzle. One who can’t solve the answers to 7 Little Words May 24, daily bonus puzzle can use this solution to continue the game.

7 Little Words May 24, 2020, Daily Bonus Puzzle 1 Answers

  • identifying mark EMBLEM
  • emptying of a city EVACUATION
  • kind of tuna BLUEFIN
  • send overseas, quickly AIRMAIL
  • offset, as expenses DEFRAY
  • as reason would dictate LOGICALLY
  • sharply discordant CLASHING

7 Little Words May 2, 2020, Daily Bonus Puzzle 2 Answers

  • hard to handle UNWIELDY
  • envelope’s contents LETTER
  • sound made by walking FOOTSTEP
  • dairy cow breed GUERNSEY
  • very fast RAPID
  • strew SCATTER
  • skiing on a zigzag course SLALOMING

7 Little Words May 24, 2020, Daily Bonus Puzzle 3 Answers

  • went from place to place TRAVELED
  • free from germs ANTISEPTIC
  • in a really stupid way IDIOTICALLY
  • having no issue CHILDLESS
  • main river of Burma IRRAWADDY
  • ‘crafty” person ARTISAN
  • female triathlete IRONWOMEN

7 Little Words May 24, 2020, Daily Bonus Puzzle 4 Answers

  • thread holder SPOOLS
  • empty space beneath a desk KNEEHOLE
  • ice cream bar brand DOVE
  • more in need of a wash FILTHIER
  • makes steady STABILIZES
  • William of ”Sabrine” HOLDEN
  • imitators COPYCATS

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