7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle October 17 2020 Answers

Here we are sharing 7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzles Answers of October 17, 2020.

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 1 Answers 10/17/2020

  • worth VALUE
  • motorcycle maker KAWASAKI
  • creative IMAGINATIVE
  • shape of a plane wing AIRFOIL
  • rainy SHOWERY
  • action star Chuck NORRIS
  • most rushed HASTIEST

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 2 Answers 10/17/2020

  • attractive CUNNING
  • paying houseguests BOARDERS
  • constellation near Aquarius PISCES
  • some local politicians COUNCILMEN
  • convertibles RAGTOPS
  • enter a cocoon PUPATE
  • in a gruesome manner MORBIDLY

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 3 Answers 10/17/2020

  • freshwater swimmer SUNFISH
  • where cattle are gathered FEEDLOTS
  • feeling jealous of ENVYING
  • natural pain reliever ENDORPHIN
  • people who bawl easily CRYBABIES
  • forking off BRANCHING
  • like a lazy person SLUGGARDLY

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 4 Answers 10/17/2020

  • former SNL star Oteri CHERI
  • muscular BRAWNY
  • it can’t change its spots LEOPARD
  • it gets brought home BACON
  • gives courage to EMBOLDENS
  • on a train ABOARD
  • gets ready for cold season WINTERIZES

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