7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzles Answers 24 April 2021

Hello viewers, are you searching for 7 Little Words bonus answers for April 24, 2021. If yes, you can check the solutions with the clues below.

7 Little Words Bonus Answers – 24 April 2021

Puzzle 1 Answers

  • obligation DUTY
  • loss of all hope DESPAIR
  • confirm, as an alibi CORROBORATE
  • trendy dresser FASHIONISTA
  • poured the last drop from EMPTIED
  • idling college athlete REDSHIRT
  • bothering persistently PESTERING

Puzzle 2 Answers

  • lorded over DOMINATED
  • cleaned the carpet VACUUMED
  • gave funding for FINANCED
  • stepped TROD
  • he of “Crime and Punishment” DOSTOYEVSKY
  • emulate King Edward VIII ABDICATE
  • male’s youthful quality BOYISHNESS

Puzzle 3 answers

  • unpleasant experience BUMMER
  • state of agitation UNREST
  • close horseshoes throw LEANER
  • drive crazy DERANGE
  • with bated breath EXPECTANTLY
  • gelled hair’s quality, maybe SPIKINESS
  • country east of Lebanon SYRIA

Puzzle 4 answers

  • stomach content ACID
  • living quarters on a warship WARDROOM
  • romanticized GLAMORIZED
  • Egyptian beetle SCARAB
  • actress Maria BELLO
  • within grasp of victory WINNABLE
  • the final morpheme ENDING

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