7 Little Words Daily Puzzle Answers 10 August 2022

Working on puzzles reinforce the connections between our brain cells  – and forms new ones – so they are a great way to improve short-term memory. We use memory in the process of completing a jigsaw puzzle when we remember shapes, sizes, and pieces and visualize where they fit in. Studies have shown the growth of new brain connections that are formed to help reduce the amount of brain damage in Alzheimer’s patients.

Looking for 7 Little Words Answers 10 August 2022. Below are the answers for Today’s Puzzle.

zlich – Answer: NOUGHT

selfishness – Answer: EGOCENTRISM

cost of mail – Answer: POSTAGE

kitchens on the high seas – Answer: GALLEYS

take out of context, perhaps – Answer: MISQUOTE

margarine containers – Answer: TUBS

leaning – Answer: INCLINATION

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