Hey there, you know, the day obviously becomes better when you solve the daily puzzle like a pro. But what if you’re stuck at a small clue and that one clue doesn’t let you complete today’s puzzle?? Aah! That sucks. But don’t you worry, this page provides you with all the answers to today’s daily puzzle. Scroll down and solve your puzzle.

One who interferes 7 little words – Answer: MEDDLER

Prepare lobes for earrings 7 little words – Answer: PIERCE

Bigger and burlier 7 little words – Answer: HUSKIER

Widened 7 little words – Answer: DILATED

Blazes 7 little words – Answer: FIRES

Citrus eaten with a spoon 7 little words – Answer: GRAPEFRUIT

Bestow 7 little words – Answer: GRANT

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