“Puzzles play with words, numbers, shapes, and logic in a way that impels us to uncover the solutions that they hide. “We are thus engaged in a mental hunt for something, much like a detective in mystery stories or a scientist looking for the reason behind some phenomenon,” he says. “Puzzles are small-scale versions of this ‘quest for understanding,’ even though there is nothing new at the end of the hunt when a solution is uncovered. It is the hunt itself that is likely to stimulate various areas of the brain that involve discovery and a sense of satisfaction at once.”

Below are the answers for the 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle on 3 August 2022. You can always come back daily to check on the answers.

soaking meat – Answer: MARINATING

old fashioned underskirt – Answer: PETTICOAT

glorifying – Answer: DIGNIFYING

deli meat preservative – Answer: NITRITE

hard nosed – Answer: HEADSTRONG

responding chemically – Answer: REACTING

Secret Service accessory – Answer: EARPIECE

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