7 Little Words Daily Puzzle Answers 31 August 2022

Puzzles have numerous benifits to the brain, like:

  • Puzzles Exercise Both Sides of Your Brain.
  • They Improve Your Memory.
  • They Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills.
  • They Improve Visual and Spatial Reasoning.
  • They Enhance Your Mood.
  • They Lower Your Stress Levels.
  • They can Improve Your IQ Score.

Below are the Answers for 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle 31 August 2022. Remember, you can always come back daily to check the Answers for Daily Puzzle.

gives a fright to, 7 Little Words – Answer: SPOOKS

impenetrable to a blaze 7 Little Words – Answer: FIREPROOF

pig-tailed Longstocking 7 Little Words – Answer: PIPPI

author Carol Oates 7 Little Words – Answer: JOYCE

talks into, 7 Little Words – Answer: CAJOLES

fellow kitten 7 Little Words – Answer: LITTERMATE

in an illusory, pensive way 7 Little Words – Answer: DREAMILY

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