7 Little Words January 26 2019 Daily Puzzle Answers

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Browse the solutions to 7 Little words Jan 26th 2019 with its clues below. 7 Little Words answer is “DISNEY” for clue “winner of most Oscars ever”. 7 Little Words answer is “REVIVAL” for clue “the end of CCR”.
7 Little Words answer is “SAVANNA” for clue “lightly forested grassland”
7 Little Words answer is “PROPONENTS” for clue “promoters”. 7 Little Words answer is “BILLIONAIRE” for “member of Forbes 400”. 7 Little Words answer is “TABULATION” for Clue “a list in a spreadsheet”. And the 7th answer of 7 Little words is “DUSTER” for the clue “1970s Plymouth coupe”

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About 7 Little words Puzzle Game: The game is based on the seven little words with 2 to 8 letters clues. Users have to find the secret word by thinking hard. Who clears the first level can play the second level and 3rd level etc.

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