Check 7 Little Words Answers Sunday 17 June 2018

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Date of Answers: 17-June-2018

Category of the puzzle: 7 Little Words

  1. 1915 Joseph Conrad novel – VICTORY
  2. Target’s canine mascot – BULLSEYE
  3. abducted – KIDNAPPED
  4. yield – SURRENDER
  5. gumshoe – SLEUTH
  6. like a dive given a “10” – FLAWLESS
  7. commencement – INCEPTION

About 7 Little Words Puzzle Game:

7 Little Words is the most trending Puzzle game in the world. In this game, users have to solve the solutions to puzzles based on the Clue words. By using the Clue Words users can arrange the 7 Little words and click on shuffle. If the user guesses the correct answer it will be marked on the answer box. Users have to solve all 7 answers [ in 7 rows ]. In this game players also can find the hint of solutions, the first letter of answer and title of an answer.

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