7 Little Words March 2 2021 Daily Bonus Puzzles Answers

7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle March 2, 2021, Answers

Check solutions to 7 Little words March 2, 2021, daily bonus puzzle. Here we are sharing solved solutions to 7 Little Words daily Bonus puzzles date-wise. By vising this page you can check 7 Little Words March 2, 2021, bonus Answers.

Puzzle 1 Answers

  • kind of juice GRAPEFRUIT
  • authorizing SANCTIONING
  • the look on one’s face EXPRESSION
  • Cannonball Adderley album LOVERS
  • treats overly carefully BABIES
  • available for lease RENTABLE
  • between-the-lines discovery SUBTEXT

Puzzle 2 Answers

  • in a sloopy manner HAPHAZARDLY
  • going in circles SWIRLY
  • feeling pessimistic DISCOURAGED
  • cook in a skillet PANFRY
  • flowering plant BLOOMER
  • two hoopsters on a team FORWARDS
  • lowest compartment of a ship BILGE

Puzzle 3 Answers

  • feeling of joy ELATION
  • type of musical composition RHAPSODY
  • power-crazy feeling MEGALOMANIA
  • with no going back IRREVOCABLY
  • period of inactivity STAGNATION
  • like an octopus TENTACLED
  • Fortune 500 engine maker CUMMINS

Puzzle 4 Answers

  • at double time QUICKLY
  • babbling stream BROOK
  • naughty child’s activity MISCHIEF
  • oddball MISFIT
  • with much effort or force VIGOROUSLY
  • in a casual manner OFFHANDEDLY
  • disgusting quality YUCKINESS

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