7 Little Words March 20 2019 Daily Puzzle Answers

7 Little Words Daily Puzzle Answers – March 20 2019, Wednesday

Check 7 Little words daily puzzle solutions with its clues here. March 20th 2019 answers of 7 Little words daily puzzles are solved based on the clues, which are given in the red color. 7 Little words answer for clue “shameful” is “INGLORIOUS”. The second answer is ” INFILTRATE” for clue “penetrate, as enemy lines”. 3rd answer for clue “in tune with the calendar” is “SEASONALLY”. 4th answer for clue “like intermittent fog” is “PATCHY”. 5th answer for “photo finish option” is “MATTE”. 6th answer for clue “what you lean against in bed” is “HEADBOARD”. And the 7th answer for clue “global oil cartel” is “OPEC”.  To check more previous 7 Little Words daily puzzles click here.

Solved solutions to 7 Little Words Daily Puzzles of 20/3/2019

  1. shameful – INGLORIOUS
  2. penetrate, as enemy lines – INFILTRATE
  3. in tune with the calendar – SEASONALLY
  4. like intermittent fog – PATCHY
  5. photo finish option – MATTE
  6. what you lean against in bed – HEADBOARD
  7. global oil cartel – OPEC

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About the game: This game is based on the seven little words with clues. Users have to find the secret word by thinking hard. Who clears the first level can play the second level and 3rd level etc. Basically the first level of puzzle game is easier to solve. It becomes hard to solve the solutions when it reaches the next level. If you don’t have time to solve all the questions, or you may be struck at the particular level. Then you can go forward to the next level without ending the game with our free 7 little words solved answers. You can also check the solutions to the below puzzle games here

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