7 Little Words March 21 2021 Daily + Bonus Puzzle Answers

Are you searching for 7 Little Words March 21, 2021, daily puzzle answers? If yes, you are in the right place. Here we are sharing the solutions to the 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle and 7 Little Words bonus puzzles.

7 Little Words Daily Puzzle March 21, 2021

  • beefsteak or Roma TOMATO
  • paprika source PEPPER
  • orange winter squash PUMPKIN
  • fava or pinto BEAN
  • Mediterranean oil source OLIVE
  • ratatouille ingredient ZUCCHINI
  • gherkin, for one CUCUMBER

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle answers March 21, 2021

Puzzle 1 Answers

  • iridescent gemstone OPAL
  • full of spirit FEISTY
  • take to the cleaners FLEECE
  • working on text COPYEDITING
  • in a very serious manner GRAVELY
  • desolation BARRENNESS
  • thin layer of rock SEAM

Puzzle 2 Answers

  • keeping one’s eyes peeled OBSERVANT
  • first appearance DEBUT
  • relaxed, in a sense UNSTRUNG
  • makes really mad ENRAGES
  • Montpelier resident VERMONTER
  • more slack FLAPPIER
  • fighting, as with a problem GRAPPLING

Puzzle 3 Answers

  • firecracker sound BANG
  • restrict the movement of HAMPER
  • walking about AMBULATING
  • filled (with), as danger FRAUGHT
  • bad kind of returns DIMINISHING
  • telephone exchange SWITCHBOARD
  • soap by-product GLYCEROL

Puzzle 4 Answers

  • feudal Japanese ruler SHOGUN
  • basic principle POSTULATE
  • occasional INFREQUENT
  • little ones in a sty PIGLETS
  • library addition ACCESSION
  • like some jargon TECHNICAL

end-of-meal selection   CHEESEBOARD

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