7 Little Words March 23 2021 Daily + Bonus Puzzle Answers

Are you searching for 7 Little Words March 23, 2021, daily puzzle answers? If yes, you are in the right place. Here we are sharing the solutions to the 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle and 7 Little Words bonus puzzles.

7 Little Words Daily Puzzle March 23, 2021

  • colorful nighty productions SUNSETS
  • flushed look REDNESS
  • every three months QUARTERLY
  • anguish over past actions REGRETS
  • Carey of “The Great Gatsby” MULLIGAN
  • poem or Irish city LIMERICK
  • officially allowed APPROVED

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle answers March 23, 2021

Puzzle 1 Answers

  • moving air WIND
  • burst POPPED
  • more upbeat PERKIER
  • in a silly way FOOLISHLY
  • needing teaching UNTRAINED
  • running faster than OUTRACING
  • government by thieves KLEPTOCRACY

Puzzle 2 Answers

  • striped squirrel CHIPMUNK
  • deserving more appreciation UNDERRATED
  • brand of canvas sneakers KEDS
  • noted filmmaker Kubrick STANLEY
  • turns under and sews HEMS
  • maids and butlers DOMESTICS
  • like a beach SANDY

Puzzle 3 Answers

  • ancient two-wheeled vehicle CHARIOT
  • financial arrangement TRUST
  • natural sponges LOOFAHS
  • resettle EMIGRATE
  • mosaic of wood for floors PARQUETRY
  • putting forth, as a view POSITING
  • with wood ash SOOTILY

Puzzle 4 Answers

  • made corrections to EDITED
  • shop-till-you-drop event SALE
  • Naval Academy team MIDSHIPMEN
  • concealed in festive paper GIFTWRAPPED
  • “Lifestyles…” host Robin LEACH
  • “equine-imity” HORSINESS
  • New Orleans arena SUPERDOME

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