7 Little Words November 21 2018 Daily Puzzles Answers

Check answers for Seven Little Words Daily Puzzles here. In this game total 7 answers to be solved based on the Clue words. Let’s see Clues of Nov/21/2018 to 7 Little Words below. You need to guess the correct answer by using the Clues. If you can’t solve the solutions Check the solved solutions below. Here you can find all 7 Little Words with its solved answers. Clues are given in Red color and answers are in blue color. For more daily puzzle answers visit our blog.

Check 7 Little Words Answers – November 21, 2018

  1. [ Clue ] negative in winter weather – [ Answer ] SUBZERO
  2. [ Clue ] soft and plump –[ Answer ]  PILLOWY
  3. [ Clue ] evil cockatoo in “Rio” –[ Answer ] NIGEL
  4. [ Clue ] neglected –[ Answer ] DISREGARDED
  5. [ Clue ] soft, strong-smelling cheese – [ Answer ] MUNSTER
  6. [ Clue ] charming – [ Answer ] FETCHING
  7. [ Clue ] fleeces –[ Answer ] SHEARS

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