7 Little Words November 24 2018 Daily Puzzles Answers

Check answers to 7 Little Words Daily Puzzles | November 24 2018 

7 Little Words November 24 2018 Daily Puzzles Answers

Browse solutions with its clue words. November 24th, 2018 solutions are solved based on the clue words a bit forceful . STRONGISH is the solutions for the first clue. 2nd Clue is surpasses expectations and its answer is – WOWS. 3rd Clue is Julianne Moore skin feature and its answer is FRECKLES. 4th Clue is did a teacher’s job and its answer is INSTRUCTED. 5th Clue is put in the microwave and solutions is ZAPPED. 6th Clue is Beach Boys’ oldest Wilson and its answer is BRIAN. And finally 7th Clue is fracas  and its answer is DUSTUP. For more latest answers visit our blog www.dailypuzzlecheats.

7 Little Words Answers Saturday, November 24, 2018

  1. a bit forceful – STRONGISH
  2. surpasses expectations – WOWS
  3. Julianne Moore skin feature – FRECKLES
  4. did a teacher’s job – INSTRUCTED
  5. put in the microwave – ZAPPED
  6. Beach Boys’ oldest Wilson – BRIAN
  7. fracas – DUSTUP

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