7 Little Words September 14 2022 Bonus Puzzle 3 Answers

7 Little Words 14 September 2022 Bonus Puzzle 3 Answers:

Bonus Puzzle’s are some extra moments of Joy after solving Daily Puzzle’s. Today’s Bonus Puzzle on 7 Little Words had exciting words like: institution starter – FOUNDER and city in southern France – MONTPELLIER. Looking for 7 Little Words 14 September 2022 Daily Puzzle Answers? We have just solved the answers for you. You can find the answers for 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle down below.

institution starter 7 Little Words – Answer: FOUNDER

area with slates 7 Little Words – Answer: ROOFTOP

holding steady 7 Little Words – Answer: STABILISED

dabs with water 7 Little Words – Answer: MOISTENS

city in southern France 7 Little Words – Answer: MONTPELLIER

poorly 7 Little Words – Answer: SHODDILY

the tip of the toe in ballet 7 Little Words – Answer: POINTE

7 Little Words September 14 2022 Bonus Puzzle 3 Answers

7 Little Words is an exciting game developed by Blue Ox Family Games, Inc. They contain a lot of Word Games, Crossword Puzzles and much more. The most enjoyable part of the game are Daily Puzzles, which sometimes have different Themes. Working on these Puzzles daily has a lot of benefits to the brain from Improved memory to Better concentration. What’s more? Indulge in the game and find out by yourself.

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