7 Little Words September 14 2022 Daily Puzzle Answers

7 Little Words 14 September 2022 Daily Puzzle Answers:

Solving Puzzles even for a small amount of time in a day can have many positive effects on our brains, The two hemispheres of your brain control different functions. The left side of your brain controls analytic and logical thinking and the right-side controls creativity. When you are working on puzzles, you are engaging both sides and giving your brain a real mental workout.

Today’s 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle had interesting Clues to the Answers like: retro – VINTAGE and adding to a message board – POSTING. Scroll down to know all the answers for 7 Little Words 14 September 2022 Daily Puzzle.

retro 7 Little Words – Answer: VINTAGE

word before hygiene, often 7 Little Words – Answer: ORAL

covered in beads 7 Little Words – Answer: SWEATY

adding to a message board 7 Little Words – Answer: POSTING

pottery protector 7 Little Words – Answer: ENAMEL

cowboy’s tool 7 Little Words – Answer: LASSO

got off the boat 7 Little Words – Answer: DISEMBARKED

7 Little Words September 14 2022 Daily Puzzle Answers

7 Little Words is an exciting game developed by Blue Ox Family Games, Inc. They contain a lot of Word Games, Crossword Puzzles and much more. The most enjoyable part of the game are Daily Puzzles, which sometimes have different Themes. Working on these Puzzles daily has a lot of benefits to the brain from Improved memory to Better concentration. What’s more? Indulge in the game and find out by yourself.

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