7 Little Words September 14 Bonus Puzzle 2 Answers

7 Little Words 14 September Bonus Puzzle 2 Answers:

Do you know Puzzle’s create a good family time too. When everyone is involved and everyone searches for answers, it improves the bonding between Family members. In our busy and boring lives, Puzzle’s can add a few colorful moments of entertainment. Looking for 7 Little Words 14 September Bonus Puzzle 2 Answers, You can find them below. Today’s Bonus Puzzle had a few fun Words like: scone ingredient, perhaps – BUTTERMILK and wrist spin bowler’s delivery – SLIDER.

scone ingredient, perhaps 7 Little Words – Answer: BUTTERMILK

type of tooth 7 Little Words – Answer: BICUSPID

whingeing 7 Little Words – Answer: GRIPING

small jazz or dance bands 7 Little Words – Answer: COMBOS

BBC journalist Lyse 7 Little Words – Answer: DOUCET

wrist spin bowler’s delivery 7 Little Words – Answer: SLIDER

one who fixes cars 7 Little Words – Answer: MECHANIC

7 Little Words September 14 Bonus Puzzle 2 Answers

7 Little Words is an exciting game developed by Blue Ox Family Games, Inc. They contain a lot of Word Games, Crossword Puzzles and much more. The most enjoyable part of the game are Daily Puzzles, which sometimes have different Themes. Working on these Puzzles daily has a lot of benefits to the brain from Improved memory to Better concentration. What’s more? Indulge in the game and find out by yourself.

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