7 Little Words September 17 2022 Bonus Puzzle Answers

7 Little Words 17 September 2022 Bonus Puzzle Answers:

Puzzle’s are one of the best ways to get relaxed on a busy day, At the same time that puzzles challenge us, they also help us to relax. Our brains also go from a “Beta,” or wakeful, state to an “Alpha” state when we’re solving puzzles. The Alpha state is similar to the state we’re in when we’re dreaming.
This shift in consciousness comes with many benefits, including:

Ability to make deeper connections

Improve our mindset

Relieve stress

Improve mood

Increase our self-confidence

Looking for 7 Little Words 17 September 2022 Bonus Puzzle Answers? You can find them below. The Clues Today Included: sincere regret – CONTRITION and male deer – BUCK.

sincere regret 7 Little Words – Answer: CONTRITION

male deer 7 Little Words – Answer: BUCK

soundly defeated 7 Little Words – Answer: CREAMED

sailor 7 Little Words – Answer: MARINER

preserving food 7 Little Words – Answer: PICKLING

adept 7 Little Words – Answer: SKILFUL

in a crucially important way 7 Little Words – Answer: PIVOTALLY

7 Little Words September 17 2022 Bonus Puzzle Answers

7 Little Words is an exciting game developed by Blue Ox Family Games, Inc. They contain a lot of Word Games, Crossword Puzzles and much more. The most enjoyable part of the game are Daily Puzzles, which sometimes have different Themes. Working on these Puzzles daily has a lot of benefits to the brain from Improved memory to Better concentration. What’s more? Indulge in the game and find out by yourself.

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