7 Little Words September 27 2020 Daily Bonus Puzzle Answers

You will find 7 Little words daily bonus puzzle 1, Puzzle 2, Puzzle 3, and Puzzle 4 answers of September 27, 2020.

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 1 Answers 27 Sept 2020

Kansas City team ROYALS
idiotic STUPID
from Antwerp BELGIAN
basketball-making company SPALDING
preoccupied FIXATED
become smaller in size SHRINK

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 2 Answers 27 Sept 2020

cooking barbecue, say GRILLING
Indian state known for tea ASSAM
retaining the rights to OPTIONING
utterly appalls HORRIFIES
“court disaster” MISTRIAL
least dense SPARSEST
what a nominee wins PRIMARY

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 3 Answers 27 Sept 2020

yellow-orange color SAFFRON
in a condescending manner SNOBBISHLY
in a state of subdued anger SIMMERING
capacity to testify in court COMPETENCY
splits open WEDGES
fast-food meal option COMBO

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 4 Answers 27 Sept 2020

like the numerals I and V ROMAN
inappropriate UNSUITED
motivation DRIVE
inexact figures ESTIMATES
sticks in INSERTS
harped on BELABORED

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