7 Little Words September 29 2020 Daily Bonus Puzzle Answers

You will find 7 Little words daily bonus puzzle 1, Puzzle 2, Puzzle 3, and Puzzle 4 answers of September 29, 2020.

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 1 Answers 29 Sept 2020

in need of a sweater CHILLED
rough, as waves CHOPPY
baton twirler MAJORETTE
up front football player LINEMAN
actor Cumberbatch BENEDICT
in command DOMINANT

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 2 Answers 29 Sept 2020

debates heatedly ARGUES
prepares for a trip PACKS
culminating (in) RESULTING
turtle relatives TORTOISES
like swimming pools CHLORINATED
“Fame” singer Irene CARA
Nebraska team, informally HUSKERS

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 3 Answers 29 Sept 2020

unwelcome line WRINKLE
blocking up CLOGGING
Audrey or Katharine HEPBURN
proverbially human activity ERRING
Danish king of England CANUTE
Mauna Kea or Yerkes, say OBSERVATORY
intact, as a fruit UNPEELED

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 4 Answers 29 Sept 2020

powerful business leaders MAGNATES
connect together INTERLINK
family get-togethers REUNIONS
split apart with force SUNDER
putting on, as clothes DONNING
had relevance PERTAINED
reads over quickly SKIMS

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