7 Petits Mots June 13 2019 Daily Puzzle Answers

Check 7 Petits Mots June 13 2019 daily Puzzles answers.  7 Petits mots is a French Word Puzzle game. The puzzle will come daily with 7 new little words as clues. Players will solve the answers based on the clues. One who will struck while solving the answers will use solved solutions to play the game next level. Here you can find 7 Petits Mots June 13 2019 daily puzzles answers.

7 Petits Mots Daily Puzzles Answers June 13 2019

  1. combattent entre 14 et 18 – POILUS
  2. bidasses – TROUFIONS
  3. endroits pour se protéger – TRANCHEES
  4. il permet de lire la nuit – LAMPION
  5. le bleu des uniformes – HORIZON
  6. réalisateur Christian – CARION
  7. les soldats y sont engoncés – CAPOTES

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