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A crossword is a game which is all about the word puzzle that usually takes the form of the white and black shaded squares. The aim of playing the game is to fill the white squares with letters forming words or phrases. Every player of crossword has to apply his or her intelligence for solving clues which lead to the tracing of answers.

Crossword puzzle

The Crosswords in England during the 19th century were complete of an elementary standard.

Later in 1920’s, the crossword phenomenon was heading to grab keen attention.

Accordingly, the first book of crossword puzzles appeared in 1924 was published by Simon & Schuster. The marvelous book with a pencil attached to it received enormous positive response and from then crossword puzzles were shot to massive craze.

On the other side of assumptions, crossword puzzles also received an extensive negative feedback. A clergyman called the crossword puzzles as the mark of a childish mentality.

However, many acknowledged people supported and stated that Crossword puzzles are greatly here to stay over worldwide. Crossword grids appearing in North American newspapers
and magazines feature solid areas of white squares.

The design of Japanese crossword grids follow two additional rules like that of the shaded cells which may not share a side and the other corner squares must be white. The Swedish style of crossword grid uses no clue numbers as their clues contain the cells which do not hold answers.

Even the other crossword grids such as in Britain, South Africa, India, and Australia have a lattice like structure. Regardingly they are also some common crossword variants that differ from any regular crossword than just an unusual grid shape or clues in a few phases.

Cipher Crosswords, Diagramless Crosswords, Fill in Crosswords, Acrostic Puzzles & Arrowords. These crossword variants may be based on different solving principles which require a distinct solving skill set.

The term crossword has first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary during the 1930s.

Still today, there are many popular crosswords distributions across the world through online by using the services of the internet. But the most prestigious New York Times puzzles stimulates high difficulty to solve any divergent phase of Crosswords.

Crossword puzzles became a regular weekly feature in the world and its wide spread to other newspapers created more exposure as well.

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