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Are you searching for 7 Little Words on April 30, 2020, daily bonus puzzle solutions?. If yes you are in the right place,  here we are sharing 7 little words daily bonus puzzle answers of 29th April 2020. You can check 7 Little Words April 29 daily bonus puzzle, Puzzle 2, Puzzle 3, and Puzzle 4 answers below.

7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle Cheats | April 30, 2020

Puzzle 1 Answers are

  • networking device ROUTER
  • discount store OUTLET
  • wise guys SAGES
  • nimble circus performers ACROBATS
  • padded envelopes MAILERS
  • really enjoyable party BLAST
  • moves nervously FIDGETS

Puzzle 2 Answers are

  • writing a letter online EMAILING
  • like a burglar THIEVISH
  • move very slowly CRAWL
  • strongly influential SEMINAL
  • flies like an eagle SOARS
  • life chronicler BIOGRAPHER
  • bit of mimicry IMPRESSION

Puzzle 3 Answers are

  1. make a copy of REPRODUCE
  2. literature on tape AUDIOBOOKS
  3. novel excerpt PASSAGE
  4. frothing FOAMING
  5. urge DESIRE
  6. deficit SHORTFALL
  7. is unable to CANNOT

Puzzle 4 Answers are

  • Saskatchewan, for one PROVINCE
  • emphasize in text, in a way UNDERLINE
  • got a failing grade in FLUNKED
  • tiny arachnid MITE
  • voice of ”The Lion King” BRODERICK
  • ambles casually MOSEYS
  • frosted treat CUPCAKE

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