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Hello guys, Find solutions to 7 Little Words daily puzzles with its clues here. Today’s solutions are solved based on the 7 clues. 7 little words August 4, Puzzle comes with the clue “pungent root vegetable spice”. The game goal is to find out the correct word by shuffling the letters, which provided by the game developer. You can check 4th August 2019 solutions with its clues.

7 Little Words Daily Puzzle solutions | 4/August/2019

  1. pungent root vegetable spice – HORSERADISH
  2. lack of bravery – COWARDICE
  3. avoiding a projectile – DUCKING
  4. source of color – PIGMENT
  5. livestock trailer hitch – GOOSENECK
  6. Colonel Sanders’ beard – GOATEE
  7. ruefully embarrassed – SHEEPISH

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