Check Wordscapes August 31 2019 Puzzle Answers

Hello guys, Here you will find answers to Wordscapes August 31, daily puzzles. Today’s puzzle clues are given in the below image. To check answers just scroll down the page. To check all Wordscapes answers date wise, click here.

Wordscapes Answers 31/08/2019

  1. MAD
  2. DAM
  3. RAM
  4. ROAR
  5. ARM
  6. MAR
  7. OAR
  8. ADO
  9. ROD
  10. ROAM
  11. RAMROD
  12. ARDOR
  13. ARMOR
  14. ROAD
  15. RAD
  16. DORM

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How to solve the answers: Players’ aim is to make the correct word by swapping the letters with fingers on their mobile devices. The game developer provides a set of new letters every day in a circle. Users/Players connect the letters to form a meaningful word. As a clue, there are some empty boxes formed in a horizontal and verticle manner. So players can guess the words limit by using these empty boxes. Once the box is filled with letters that can be used to form the word but letters should not be replaced once they are done.

Updated: August 31, 2019 — 12:24 pm

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