October 31 2020 | 7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzle Answers

Here we are sharing 7 Little Words Daily Bonus Puzzles Answers of October 31, 2020. 7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 1 Answers 10/31/2020
  • fills to excess OVERLOADS
  • hard-to-explain events MIRACLES
  • interior decoration WALLPAPER
  • offering up PRESENTING
  • dramatic change in course TURNAROUND
  • rushing at, as a castle STORMING
  • to a ridiculous degree ABSURDLY
7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 2 Answers 10/31/2020
  • “Slow Ride” band FOGHAT
  • game show winnings PRIZES
  • dressy, but not extremely so SEMIFORMAL
  • married, in slang HITCHED
  • smiling broadly GRINNING
  • file cabinet contents FOLDERS
  • growing out of control SNOWBALLING
7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 3 Answers 10/31/2020
  • eight-sided shapes OCTAGONS
  • adversely NEGATIVELY
  • had top billing HEADLINED
  • bulbous root vegetables TURNIPS
  • first Jackson 5 lead singer JERMAINE
  • more relaxed CALMER
  • early 2000s Nintendo console GAMECUBE
7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 4 Answers 10/31/2020
  • showy southern bloomers MAGNOLIAS
  • French braid relative FISHTAIL
  • rendered speechless DUMBFOUNDED
  • plaintiffs or defendants LITIGANTS
  • the vain may fish for them COMPLIMENTS
  • prepared to be knighted KNEELED
  • modern-day “mix tape” PLAYLIST

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