Word Cookies April 12 2020 Daily Puzzle Answers

Check Word Cookies Daily Puzzle Answers | April/12/2020

Word Cookies is an interesting word puzzle game developed by “BitMango”. The game app is available to download for Andriod and iOS Devices. The game helps you to test your spelling and vocabulary limits to make as many words as you can. You can check Word Cookies’ daily puzzle answers date wise here.

Word Cookies April 12th, 2020, Daily Challenge Answers

  1. ELM
  2. EMU
  3. HEM
  4. HER
  5. HUB
  6. HUE
  7. HUM
  8. RUB
  9. RUE
  10. RUM
  11. BLUE
  12. BLUR
  13. HELP
  14. HERB
  15. HURL
  16. LURE
  17. MULE
  18. RULE
  19. BLUER
  20. LEMUR
  21. HUMBLE
  22. LUMBER
  23. RUMBLE

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