Word Relax Daily Answers

Word Relax Daily Challenge Answers | April 20, 2020

Word Relax is a word puzzle game developed by “Dream Word games”. The game is available for Android and iOS platforms. The game comes daily with a set of letters as clues in a circle. Above the circle, there are some empty boxes sets. each box is filled with one letter only. Here players join the letters by fingers on the game to form a meaningful word. When the perfect word is matched it will be filled automatically in the empty boxes. Thus the game continues until there is no empty box. One who cont solve all the answers they search for answers online.
Here we are sharing Word Relax daily puzzle answers date wise.

Word Relax April 20th 2020, Daily Challenge Answers are

  1. APE
  2. PEA
  3. PAR
  4. EAR
  5. PREP
  6. PUP
  7. PAP
  8. PURE
  9. REAP
  10. PARE
  11. PAPER
  12. PAUPER
  13. UPPER
  14. APP
  15. ARE
  16. PEAR
  17. RAP
  18. PEP

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