Word Whizzle POP August 29 2019 Daily Puzzle Answers

Check Word Whizzle POP Answers | August 29, 2019

Hello guys. Check Word Whizzle POP Daily puzzle 8/29/2019, answers with hints. Word Whizzle pop is an interesting word puzzle game developed by Apprope. The game provides a new puzzle every day. Players’ aim is to find out the answers based on those clues.

Word Whizzle POP Answers for “Doing the dishes”


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Additional Information

About the game: Word Whizzle Pop is one of the interesting word puzzle game developed by apprope. It has more than 2000Plus levels from easy to tough levels. The game comes with some set of letters with 5 hint symbols. Each symbol represents one feeling like happy, anger, shy, etc. Here, the players’ aim is to make the correct word by connecting letters by sliding, swiping, etc. When the correct word is made it will be highlighted and removed from the letter groups. Thus the game continues.

Name of the game: Word Whizzle POP

Size: 70 MB

No of installations: 1,00,000+

Developed & Offered by Apprope

Platform: Android

Play store link

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